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Treatment is not a one size fits all.  Based on the cluster of your symptoms we'll focus on a treatment plan that meets your needs and targets your mental health goals.  

Sad on Couch



Depression feels like you woke up with a grey cloud over your head.  It changes your energy level, creates sad thoughts, low motivation, changes your sleep, mood, and appetite.  It's that "I'm in a funk" feeling.  We'll work to move that cloud out and bring in the feeling of sunshine.



Anxiety is the energy in ones body that is stored from a trigger.  We'll identify what your triggers are, learn healthier emotional responses to your trigger, identify where do you feel anxiety in your body, how to intercept those feelings from being stored in, apply body movement, breathing, sensory elements and mindfulness so that you can be more resilient to stress and reduce anxiousness.   

Autumn Mood
Happy Girl


Emotional Distress / Stress

Stress is inevitable.  Helping you increase your optimal mental health will assist you with being more resilient when stress does occur.  Processing stress, learning to work though it and move the stress from a place of destruction to a place of construction will help relieve the mental impact of stress.  


Self Esteem / Confidence

Challenging and replacing thoughts and feelings that do not serve you will help improve your self-esteem and confidence.  We'll identify what contributes to your thinking and find ways to empower yourself to be emotionally stronger and more confident than when you first started therapy.

Rock Balancing
Studying at Home


Life Coaching 

Providing support and direction may help you from being unstuck in your path to knowing what steps you need to take to get to where you want to go.  Life Coaching is incorporated into all modalities of treatment.

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