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Therapy For Women

Are You Having Trouble Connecting With Your Authentic Inner Self?


Whether we’re struggling to manage daily stressors and responsibilities or no longer finding joy and fulfillment in our work, relationships, and everyday life, our mental health is central to how we think, feel, and behave. When one area of life is impacted, it can cast a ripple effect everywhere else, causing us to feel overwhelmed and underprepared. 

If you are looking for a boost to your mood, energy levels, or self-esteem, counseling can be the gateway to a more peaceful, energetic, or powerful existence. Working together in therapy, we can trace mental health symptoms back to their root causes and explore lasting, holistic solutions.



As Women, We Have A Unique Experience Of The World


We encounter specific obstacles as women. Certain gender roles create expectations surrounding how we look, feel, and interact with others. As unrealistic cultural standards intersect with individual experiences of loss, grief, trauma, and other obstacles, it’s easy for our lives as women to fall out of balance. 

Perhaps you are in a transitional period of life. You may be finishing your studies, starting a new job, or considering switching careers. Not quite sure of what your purpose is or how to align your personal and professional values, you may be seeking guidance. 

Alternatively, your transition may involve elements of your home and family life. You may be embarking on a new journey as a partner or parent, whether you are making the decision to move in together, get married, or start a family. It’s possible that you have conflicting feelings about how to move forward or feel pressure to conform to some standard of how you should operate within your family dynamic. This can create tension with your partner or cause you to doubt your abilities to parent. 

Periods of loss are also transitional. Maybe you have recently lost a job, relationship, or loved one. As you experience the depth and sadness of grief, you may feel out-of-whack spiritually, causing you to question fundamental values and beliefs. Missing what you once had, you may have developed chronic symptoms of sadness, depression, and a lack of motivation to move forward.


Therapy At Mood Connection Center Offers Women A Pathway To Healing And Reconnection


Progress is not a fixed point—it ebbs and flows throughout our lives. When we get stuck, however, we may not always know how to overcome challenges on our own. The more entrenched we become in our anxieties and low self-worth, the more likely we are to lose our inner voice along the way. Therapy for women is designed to empower our inner voice so that we can feel more confident in ourselves and our choices. 

A Holistic, Whole-Person Approach


I take a holistic, mind-body approach to therapy for women’s issues. As a neutral, nonjudgmental therapist, I welcome women of all backgrounds to counseling so that they can reconnect with their authentic selves and achieve greater satisfaction. 

We will begin by exploring your symptoms and history so that we can get to the root of your distress. As you develop skills for identifying your emotions and stress response, you will better understand how core issues affect your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Then, using a range of proven healing techniques—including mindfulness, chakra balancing, energy work, tarot, and body-based methods—you can learn how to embrace transitions rather than avoid them. 

Therapy for women addresses the unique emotions and experiences that shape our self-awareness and understanding of the world around us. By facilitating a deeper connection between the mind and body, we can create space for our spirit and emotions to thrive. Using elements of nature and holistic lifestyle changes, you can practice feeling grounded and safe in the moment, prepared to move forward with confidence. 


Traditional Therapeutic Methods Are Also Available 


For women who are interested in more traditional forms of counseling, I am trained in behavioral and somatic therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. These approaches target cognitive symptoms of distress, offering concrete coping and self-care skills in real-time.

I will individualize the counseling process to meet your needs with the overall goal of empowering your authentic inner voice and improving your self-esteem. Holistic treatment involving elements of spirituality, nature, and body attunement can be the key to aligning your inner self so that you feel more energized and motivated to take on life. 

Perhaps You Have Concerns About Whether Or Not Therapy Is Right For You…


I’ve tried therapy with a counselor who specializes in women’s issues before—what makes you different?


Few clinicians offer my truly holistic approach to counseling for women. Whereas many therapeutic approaches are purely clinical, my style takes the whole person into account: mind, body, and spirit. As such, I am likely to incorporate elements of mindfulness, energy work, chakra balancing, tarot, reiki, and other non-Western techniques into therapy, making my approach as a therapist especially useful for women who identify as spiritual. 


How long does therapy last?


Each client’s treatment approach is individualized, which means there is no set timeline for counseling. Time spent in treatment varies depending on symptoms, goals, and financial availability. 

Individual therapy sessions last 45-60 minutes and can be done weekly, bi-weekly, or varied depending on your needs and flexibility. 

Your Inner Voice Is Speaking To You—Let’s Discover New Ways Of Listening To Her

Therapy for women at Mood Connection Center is designed to reconnect your mind, body, and spirit. To learn more about my approach or how I can help

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